Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Road To Rio
A Self Induced And Painful Challenge

It took me a while to get back to my blog and update you guys but here I am.  I just competed this past saturday December 8th at the Capital University.  This time was not quite as hectic although i had to pay attention to when each event was.  I competed in the 60m dash, the 60 m hurdles, the long jump, the high jump and the shot put, not all quite in that order.  First up was the long jump. After warming up I joined the other competitors late on the running surface facing the sand pit.  I had to ask a fellow competitor to count my steps out from the sand pit since it had been such a long time since I did long jump(remember last meet I didn't even have steps haha). So he helped me out and I marked out at 93meters, after a practice run through I realized I was about a meter behind so I had to actually adjust to 92 meters.  These were all things a coach would say but as you know, I do not have this luxury.  All I wanted to do today is jump off my left foot.  I did!  I was able to jump 19'10" off of my left foot! Thinking back on it, I am so proud of myself.  My dominant foot used to be my right foot until (as i mentioned in my injury history) over the years i've sustained so many ligament tears that honestly it's not even stable enough to take that much force :(. moving on... 
My personal best on my right foot is 20'10, a full foot longer but this was from high school.  Even in college i only managed around (6.05m) or 19'10 on my right foot because I was forcing myself(and as i mentioned "fighting through the pain" stupidly enough.  Again this is something I regret earlier in my career, competing while injured.  
The High Jump was next.  Let's make this short.  I opened at the height of 1.83m(6'0' again) after not being able to clear 5"8' in warmups.  It comes down to weather you believe you can clear it or not and I did.
Next was the preliminaries of the 60m hurdles.  I ran slow!(10.75sec) I was jumping over gingerly haha but somehow I MADE FINALS! 
Next was the 60m dash.  I ran a 7.42 seconds good enough for 20/33 places. I didn't make finals. I wasn't mad at all because at this point is where I noticed my body started to break down.  Right foot started to hurt. My hips and thighs started to fatiuge. AND I STILL HAD THE SHOT PUT
I threw 8.19m(26ft8in), not good compared to the other big boys in this event but I was so fatigued at this point honestly i didn't care.  This may have been the only point I failed in the mental aspect. I'm supposed to put maximal effort regardless of fatigue level. Lesson already learned.
This brings me to this point.  THE ONLY THING STOPPING ME FROM RIO 2016 IS MY RIGHT ANKLE. That's it, let me explain, I have had this right injury probably since 2011, as a result of straining my ankle during an intramural game in 2010.  Honestly I no longer have the supporting ligaments on the medial and lateral sides of my ankles. all gone... I don't know how I survive each day just walking.  When I compete in multiple events, I have to take a month off after just to get back to a (mostly) pain free body. That is just not going to cut it!
For those of you who actually read my blog and care, I take time to be real with you guys and I try not to lie.  In my life I try my best in this area.  Ofcourse I am just a sinner just like everybody else and the only thing that sets me apart is my relationship and acceptance of Jesus Christ but I try my best to be transparent.  
So what is the solution? How do I fix this ankle injury and rehab? I don't know.  It costs thousands of dollars to do a surgery like this. And you have to ask yourself is it worth it?  Will getting the surgery cause more problems? Well the way I see it, so many professional athletes and olympians have these surgeries all the time and have successful recoveries.  I'm in a state of contemplation right now as I still am recovering from the soreness of this past weekends competition and a foot sprain caused by my ankle injury.  
Road To Rio........

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