Friday, December 21, 2012

Road To Rio
The Current Situation

A quick update for RTR, I have been to see a podiatrist(foot and ankle doctor) and the results weren't necessarily positive.  He gave me two options: Wear a brace, or surgery to replace the torn ligament.
I wasn't shocked, scared, angry.  I've been dealing with pain and imbalance in my right ankle for the last 2 years. I just didn't do anything about it.  I guess it took a tough day on the track to remind me of true pain.  But ofcourse I just gritted my teeth and smiled as if nothing was wrong.  See that's what i've been doing since high school.  The "Tough Athlete Mentality".  This is something I truly wish I had not fallen into. One thing I tell ALL young athletes I encounter is if your are hurt in ANY WAY, do NOT risk it.  Do not try to be the BIG MAN. REST YOUR BODY. You only have one! Unfortunately one that may have cost me my athletic career.  Well you know I'm not like that.  One thing I learned is that God is faithful.  I will rise again. I won't go into the details but getting expensive medical treatment has not been an option for a while. Nonetheless,  I will find a way to get this surgery and rehab and I will return stronger that ever. See you on the other side.  See you in Rio.


For now I am just maintaining my strength by lifting my upper body only.

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