Tuesday, October 30, 2012

 Road To Rio
A Training Session Of A Lifetime

Simply put, this sundays training sessions was the greatest experience of my track career thus far... easily.  Yes I said it!  I had the opportunity to train with not just one of the best coaches in the world but one of the best multi-event(heptathlon, decathlon) coaches in the world. So how did it happen?  How did I find him? Well actually I'm still not sure how because I have never met him! This was all God's work. This is what happened. Around saturday afternoon, I recieved a random email(or atleast at the time it seemed like it).  It was from Mark Lattimore, a former proffesional sprinter who was holding a camp on a sunday evening in Delaware(Delaware out of all places!! haha).  I was very tempted to delete it quickly because it looked like spam but thankfully I read on and saw coach Smith's name.  That was all it took.  When you see a name with those kind of credentials(he coached Hyleas Fountain to a silver medal in the Beijing olympics).  That was all it took, I didn't hesitate to register. I knew I HAD to be there! I might never get this kind of opportunity ever again.  So I registered that evening and the next day after church I was off. 

The Training Session

When I arrived we were first put through a warmup that included 2 laps on the tiny indoor track and a lot of hip mobilization warmup drills, legs swings, hip circles, high knees, hurdle drills. After that we broke up into 2 groups, sprinters and long jump/high jump.  I joined the jump group since I haven't done the event since high school.  We worked by the long jump pit first.What followed was a series of hops, plyometrics, and quick feet drills that I had done before but never quite a this intensity.  This is one thing that I noticed that seperates a world class coach from the others.  They make you get everything right.  I remember one drill that we did literally 20 times. 20 times! Hopping back and fourth trying to get the correct form.  After the long jump we headed to the high jump area. I put on my new spikes and headed over.  We continued with more technical drills particular to the high jump, running in a curve etc.

The Experience

This experience is something I believe was a blessing from God.  How did little old me, living in Ohio on a cold October evening train with a world-class olympic coach? Well it's all Christ.  He loves me and wants the best for me. He knows my heart desire and will grant it to me if I stay humble and focused. Thank you Lord!

Coach Smith And I!

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