Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Journey To Rio
Training Is No Joke/Hard

So I just finished another training session.  This one was short and simple because of the simple reason that it was so difficult and I'd taken about 5 days off.  Just 5 days off and I was out of shape! Or elite shape that is.  Actually through my undergrad education at Ohio University(Go Bobcats!) in Exercise Physiology, I know that it only takes about 2 weeks to start to lose  the benefits of your training but to gain back everything it takes like 8 weeks to get back to tip top shape that you were in before) Yea it's like that.  Well here's to not taking days off NDO(No Days Off). I want to keep this short.  I posted a video from my youtube covering the beggining(and abrupt end) of my workout enjoy.  As for an update, I will be changing up my schedule a little bit.  After talking with my girlfriend yesterday she gave some great advice. I decided my body needs rest even while training.  I can't train so hard as to not be healthy enough to compete.  I basically need to find the fine line between training and resting. So here is my new schedule. Train Monday, Tuesday, Rest and Technical events on Wedneday NO RUNNING AT ALL, do balance work, Thursday running and Friday Intervals(because Sat and Sun are always off).  In terms of pole vaulting training I am literally sending an email to the coach after this.

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