Tuesday, October 30, 2012

 Road To Rio
A Training Session Of A Lifetime

Simply put, this sundays training sessions was the greatest experience of my track career thus far... easily.  Yes I said it!  I had the opportunity to train with not just one of the best coaches in the world but one of the best multi-event(heptathlon, decathlon) coaches in the world. So how did it happen?  How did I find him? Well actually I'm still not sure how because I have never met him! This was all God's work. This is what happened. Around saturday afternoon, I recieved a random email(or atleast at the time it seemed like it).  It was from Mark Lattimore, a former proffesional sprinter who was holding a camp on a sunday evening in Delaware(Delaware out of all places!! haha).  I was very tempted to delete it quickly because it looked like spam but thankfully I read on and saw coach Smith's name.  That was all it took.  When you see a name with those kind of credentials(he coached Hyleas Fountain to a silver medal in the Beijing olympics).  That was all it took, I didn't hesitate to register. I knew I HAD to be there! I might never get this kind of opportunity ever again.  So I registered that evening and the next day after church I was off. 

The Training Session

When I arrived we were first put through a warmup that included 2 laps on the tiny indoor track and a lot of hip mobilization warmup drills, legs swings, hip circles, high knees, hurdle drills. After that we broke up into 2 groups, sprinters and long jump/high jump.  I joined the jump group since I haven't done the event since high school.  We worked by the long jump pit first.What followed was a series of hops, plyometrics, and quick feet drills that I had done before but never quite a this intensity.  This is one thing that I noticed that seperates a world class coach from the others.  They make you get everything right.  I remember one drill that we did literally 20 times. 20 times! Hopping back and fourth trying to get the correct form.  After the long jump we headed to the high jump area. I put on my new spikes and headed over.  We continued with more technical drills particular to the high jump, running in a curve etc.

The Experience

This experience is something I believe was a blessing from God.  How did little old me, living in Ohio on a cold October evening train with a world-class olympic coach? Well it's all Christ.  He loves me and wants the best for me. He knows my heart desire and will grant it to me if I stay humble and focused. Thank you Lord!

Coach Smith And I!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Journey To Rio
Training Is No Joke/Hard

So I just finished another training session.  This one was short and simple because of the simple reason that it was so difficult and I'd taken about 5 days off.  Just 5 days off and I was out of shape! Or elite shape that is.  Actually through my undergrad education at Ohio University(Go Bobcats!) in Exercise Physiology, I know that it only takes about 2 weeks to start to lose  the benefits of your training but to gain back everything it takes like 8 weeks to get back to tip top shape that you were in before) Yea it's like that.  Well here's to not taking days off NDO(No Days Off). I want to keep this short.  I posted a video from my youtube covering the beggining(and abrupt end) of my workout enjoy.  As for an update, I will be changing up my schedule a little bit.  After talking with my girlfriend yesterday she gave some great advice. I decided my body needs rest even while training.  I can't train so hard as to not be healthy enough to compete.  I basically need to find the fine line between training and resting. So here is my new schedule. Train Monday, Tuesday, Rest and Technical events on Wedneday NO RUNNING AT ALL, do balance work, Thursday running and Friday Intervals(because Sat and Sun are always off).  In terms of pole vaulting training I am literally sending an email to the coach after this.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Journey To Rio
Motivation To Be My Best

So again it's been a little while since I wrote my last blog.  I just wanted to update everyone on how my training is coming along.  I have continued my weight lifting and I am still running a few days of the week.  The problem right now and what is most discouraging is the weather.  It is starting to get colder and the air thinner so it's a little harder while training.  As you must know by now, the outdoor weather will not phase me or deter my training.  I have training in harsh weather conditions before; you can see the youtube of me below training in the rain...why stop because of a little weather. In fact that was one of my favorite training sessions to date!  Most of my workouts are now on the treadmill indoor though.  I also substitute a little of my cardio by playing pickup basketball.  Yes I know I shouldn't because of risk of injury and I'm happy to announce I won't be playing like that any more.  Because of previous ankle injuries as I mentioned in my first few blogs,  I usually end up with swollen ankles after every basketball session.  I just cannot afford to have this anymore.  So that's it done, end of discussion.  Anyways continuing on the current affairs,  I am still targeting competing in my first meet this December.  Specifically in the Case Western Multi-Events meet. During this indoor heptathlon I will compete in the 55m dash, 55m hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Pole Vault, and Finally the 1000m(5 times around the tiny indoor track) The actual date and schedule has not acutally been set yet, I'm just going off of last year's date but as soon as it becomes available, you can bet I will be the first to sign up! Another perk? It's Free to enter the competition! 

Usually as an independent or "unattached" athlete, you pay 10-20 dollars just to be able to compete. While brings me to my next point,  I will have to pay for the pole vault training.  And this is also a case of motivation.  Do I want to shop 200 bucks for someone to train me.  I think so.  As you know there is a large degree of danger when it comes to the pole vault.  I have never actually done it before and actually thinking about it sometimes scares me.  I have always been about safety and injury precaution so you bet I will take the best approach to learning this new craft.  I plan to contact the coach today and set up my training for the whole of next month in hopes of being ready to compete in Cleveland in December.  This indoor heptathlon will be my first taste of whether I have what it takes.  Wish me luck, and most importantly PRAYERS of protection from injury.
Thank you all for reading and supporting.