Friday, September 21, 2012

Road To Rio

Steady Improvement

I haven't posted one in a while so I thought I would give you all on update.  I have been working out on the track or weight training everyday for the last two weeks.  I didn't measure any times or check how fast I was running.  I was only running to maximum effort.  Today my workout was tough, to say the least.  I ran 3x300m, 2x200m and 2x100m.  It sucked! I was breathing hard after every run but for some reason this time, I felt no need to quit, in fact I felt as if I was getting stronger! Hooray!  The best part of the workout was my last 100m.  I ran a 12.3 seconds.  Now compared to elite time I was quite slow but considering all of the speed-endurance runs I had just run it was spectacular! You can see the video of the run below.  Now imagine yourself having run the workout I did then running all out for your last 100m, that is precisely what I did.  Proud of myself today. There is hope, and it all lies in Jesus. That is where my strength comes from. I will succeed, I will become an Olympian.  It's all coming together, I will be ready for my first meet in December. Signing out from Road To Rio. 
Olumide Mike Gbenro
Olympic Hopeful 2016

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