Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Road To Rio 16
December, Come On Soon

So I've been training over a month now and I feel like i'm getting better in every aspect, my speed, my legs are more powerful, and i'm throwing the shot put further every time.  But... I don't know exactly how far.  I don't know how fast my 100m or my 400m is.  I simply haven't been tested under competition conditions. You can see my short training video below from my lastest sprint runs. The good news I can report is that after a long workout I still ran my last 100m in 12.4 sec, which adjusted to the wind would have been a 11.9.  It's nothing like running against someone else. That's ok though, come December, the Journey takes a turn and gets real.  How will I do under real conditions, while competing indoor? Something I've never done in track and field.  Well we'll have to wait and see.  The next target is pole vault training.  I hope to start training at an indoor facility next month with a certified instructor.  It's expensive so I have to weigh the benefits but I believe it will all pay off in the end. The Case Western Multi Events meet in December. That is target numero uno. Follow me on my journey...... To Rio......

In Christ

Friday, September 21, 2012

Road To Rio

Steady Improvement

I haven't posted one in a while so I thought I would give you all on update.  I have been working out on the track or weight training everyday for the last two weeks.  I didn't measure any times or check how fast I was running.  I was only running to maximum effort.  Today my workout was tough, to say the least.  I ran 3x300m, 2x200m and 2x100m.  It sucked! I was breathing hard after every run but for some reason this time, I felt no need to quit, in fact I felt as if I was getting stronger! Hooray!  The best part of the workout was my last 100m.  I ran a 12.3 seconds.  Now compared to elite time I was quite slow but considering all of the speed-endurance runs I had just run it was spectacular! You can see the video of the run below.  Now imagine yourself having run the workout I did then running all out for your last 100m, that is precisely what I did.  Proud of myself today. There is hope, and it all lies in Jesus. That is where my strength comes from. I will succeed, I will become an Olympian.  It's all coming together, I will be ready for my first meet in December. Signing out from Road To Rio. 
Olumide Mike Gbenro
Olympic Hopeful 2016