Saturday, August 18, 2012

Journey To Rio
A Shot For Rio

My first day throwing the shot put, it wasn't bad at all.  It felt comfortable in terms of the throwing or "putting" motion except for some uncomfortably feeling in the wrists.  I guess I'll have to strengthen even the tiniest muscles haha. As I mentioned I was blessed enough to have high school coaches that are willing to help me.  Actually yesterday was quite a day!  When I arrived to pick up the shot put I was able to meet the pole vault coach at my high school and he gave me loads of valuable tips and resources on who to contact for training, in fact next week he will be putting me upside down to simulate the feeling of flying through the air on the pole upside down. Scary right! This is why I ran away from it in high school but its time to embrace it head on.  Ok moving on, as I'm about to leave one of the other coaches tells me he used to do the decathlon for fun in his younger days and he threw pretty far too! He began to give me advice on his event too, the javelin! So before I left I had no coaches and resources for the shot put, the discus, javelin, or pole vault and after I left I had everything covered. God is Great!

Ok fast forward one day till today, I actually threw the shot put about 27 feet, not that far compared to the 40 something feet the professional shot putters are throwing right now. I won't be discouraged, I have 4 years to get it right but yea, it was fun out there! You can see from the video below and the pics how I did! My throwing form was barbaric and I haven't even hit the lower body power lifts necessary to be a champ at this event.  Time in the gym needs to increase in focus on lower body.  
Stay Tuned........
God Bless You

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