Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Journey To Rio
A Journey

So I named this blog Journey To Rio for a reason.  It is because this 47 month journey isn't one I can do alone.  There are many people who will help contribute to my success and get me where I need to get.  Today my sister helped me with my on track workouts, you can see her in the video below. I know as I get closer the support and people involved will increase. These workouts are not fun, let me just put it that way.  Sometimes I ask myself why am I putting myself through this? Alas this is not a negative post, I will never be the one to let something get me down.  I truly enjoy every second of the tough running and lifting because all I see in front of me is a huge crowd of people screaming and waving because they are at the Olympics.  Anytime I'm lifting and I am on my last set or on my last run and I need something to push me through I just imagine I am there.  I stand there waiting to run the final event of the decathlon, the 1500m. There are 60,000 people screaming at the top of their lungs waiting to see the spectacle that is the worlds greatest athlete except I hear nothing.  A calm comes over me, one of confidence.  This is what I visualize.

I contacted a high school friend of mine to see if he could find me a coach for the shot put and pole vault.  He was able to direct me in the right direction.  As I mentioned before, I have little to no experience with these events.  I will be looking to meet him soon and find out how I can train for them.  This is a good sign, things are coming together.  I'm grateful to Christ for one other thing today.  No Injuries, in fact my ankles are getting stronger and the power that I lost from my right leg from previous injury is coming back. All I have to do is continue to rehab and work hard everyday.

God Bless,
Proverbs 16:3

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