Saturday, August 11, 2012

Journey To Rio
Citious, Altious, Fortious

Today was my second lifting session.  In order to be a good decathlete I need to be strong, plain and simple. Not just in the upper body but especially in the lower body. A lot of people think it takes strong arms to throw the javelin and shot put but really most of the power is coming from the legs.  So I will spend the next 3 months getting as strong and as powerful as I can get.  Today was an upper body only day mainly because of the tough running workout from yesterday.  I didn't want to risk injury so I made an executive desition. That is what most of it will be like for me.  I have to go by how my body feels because if I overtrain and get injured, then there was no point of doing the whole thing in the first place.  Going back to my plans, I plan to begin by competing in open indoor meets here all over the state of Ohio in places like Cleveland, Cinccinnati, and Columbus.  Most of the track meets are not structured like the decathlon where the ten events are split over two days.

The events are the 100m, 400m,1500m, 110m hurdles, long jump, high jump, discus, pole vault, javelin, and shot put.  I have to be selective in what events to compete in and when. Yesterday I examined the best times of Ashton Eaton and Trey Hardee and from there set my own goals.  Ashton Eaton ran 10.3 sec in the 100m dash. Trust me I'm not planning on running the decathlon world record when I line up on the Capital University track in December.  I would like to run a time in the 11's first.  I have made initial goals for each even based on my previous experiences and what I believe I am currently capable of.  So that's it, the next step on the administrative part is to find a coach, and also eventually to find sponsors when I begin to compete in bigger meets. One last note, it looks like I might actually be competing in another big meet before the Rio Olympics in 2016, the Commonwealth games. I didn't realize as a competitor for Nigeria, which is part of the commonwealth I would be eligible to compete in Glasgow 2014. Well we'll see

Stay Tuned.

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