Friday, August 10, 2012

Journey To Rio

August 5th, 2016, I line up on next to Trey Hardee and Bryan Clay on a track in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to run the first event of the decathlon the 100m dash.  The gun goes off, and we're off!, I stumble out of the blogs momentarily but regain my form mid-race and cross the finish line in 10.1 seconds. He's set a new world record for the decathlon!  
Rewind to present, I am currently sitting at my home here in Dublin, Ohio after my first sprint workout in over 4 years.  I ran two 300meters, two 200 meters and one 100meters.  It was the most painful workout I have done and the most painful since I first started running as a 10 year old.  I re-familiarized myself with something called lactic acid as it rushed into my gluteus maximus and my hamstrings, I could barely sit down on the way back from the track.  So you're wondering why? Why put myself through all of this pain for a dream that seems so far fetched and near impossible.  Well it's because I believe I can become an olympian, and I believe was blessed with a talent that still hasn't been tapped to the fullest yet.  You see in high school I was a great track athlete but never reached my full potential.  I walked by the records board today and saw the record for the long jump, 21' 6. As I walked away exhausted, I realized I was only 8 inches away from the record because I jumped 20'10' in my last jump as a senior on a bum knee and severely injured ankles.  As I walked out of the stadium I reminisced of what could have been but for the injuries and a lack of training seriously.  I never even had a regular weightlifting program during high school.  All of my success was based on pure natural abilities. As I walked away a feeling set over me, not one of regret but one of rejuvenation.  After walking on at Ohio University and competing one year before a removal of the men's track team , I was without any sport.  I spent the next few years playing recreational sports again, aquiring one ankle injury after another.  After graduating in 2011 was my first time I truly rested and recouped from years of injuries.  So here I am today nearly fully healed and rehabbing and armed with my undergrad education in exercise physiology degree.I  know what to do to have my body in the best shape it can be to achieve my dream that was put on hold for a few years. Starting in December I will be competing as an unattached athlete in several of the individual events of the decathlon.  The pole vault and shot put will be the most challenging but I have already found potential coaches in these.  I have already started a 5 day a week training program that will build strength, power, and speed.  I hope I start to see gains in my running and performances down the line. So, will I be in Rio in 2016, that's yet to be determined.  But will I work the hardest I have every worked ever? You can bet I will.  Follow me on my journey

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