Monday, August 13, 2012

Journey To Rio
No Injuries

The journey to Rio continues, so I have been doing some thinking the last few days.  To set the goal of being a decathlete might not neccesarily be the best idea simple because I did not compete in the pole vault and shot put in high school, in fact I have no prior experience in the pole vault at all.  I am not saying I will give up on the decathlon entirely.  With a good coach, I could certainly compete in it but what seems like a better idea would be to focus on my strongest even through highschool and college. This would be the triple jump and long jump. After the Olympics I was doing some research and I see that Nigeria had only one triple jumper, Tosin Oke and one long jumper, Stanley Gbabeke. Each nation is allowed to have two athletes per event if they meet the olympic standard.  This is what my goal will be over the next 3 1/2 years, to reach that olympic standard in both events and stay away from any sort of injuries.  Today was a lower body day filled with lunges, reverse lunges, step ups, etc. These workouts are something I am so unaccostomed to because as I mentioned, I didn't really lift any weight, especially not lower body in high school or college.  So I hope to get a lot stronger in my lower body and hopefully this translates to the track.  All I have to do is stay injury free. If this means taking as much as 3 straight days off when I feel something, then so be it.  My competitions don't begin till december so I will have time to be in perfect shape.  
Road To Rio Continues.......

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